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Best Flooring Service provider in Hyderabad from past 26 Years:

Excellent Flooring service is rendering from the past 26 years to its clients with 100% satisfaction, years have passed but we did not compromise with our quality, timely and affordably flooring services, which makes us apart from other and make us the Best Flooring service provider in Hyderabad. Now we have planned to come up with new innovations with new name “Smart Edges.”

If you are planning to install Marble Stones, any other Natural Stones or any other tiles whether it is Mozaic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles or porcelain tiles the techniques for installing is almost the same with some variation and polishing will be done to stones not to Tiles, the process is noticeably  nearly the same:

How we follow process and techniques to become the best floor polishing service provider.

Smart Edges services start with a floor evaluation. First, getting the high quality Marble stones or Tiles the next step is to fill the sand of the floor. It is always completed coat by coat in a uniform manner. In sanding process cracks are tested for, and fixed as required. Three positions happen: rough, medium, and fine.

When the flooring has been smoothed, and vacuumed, the floor is now polished using a super fine rasping screen. The polishing helps stiffen the floor grain to prepare it for accepting the stain. After the stain has been applied, the surface is smeared, and left to dry. Smart Edges arrange for every customer with a short-term tutorial, and citations for care, and maintenance of their refinished floor surface.

Marble flooring consist of  wide range of color choices but is often sorted into three main categories.

  • Carrara : This is popular white Marble it has limited hues, ranging from light to warm white and it surface has medium to light grey veining.
  • Calacatta : It is similar to Carrara and it is close to pure white in color and has dark grey veining, gives contrast impression to the Marble
  • Breccia : Unlike both the above, it comprising warm golds, tans, deep browns, and reds. The dark gray and black veining in Breccia marble inclines to appear in decorative twirls, and it often includes flawlessly round outlines that look like bubbles stuck beneath the surface.

A marble stone comes in different sizes from a large single stone to cut pieces in different size. Marble with big sizes are comparatively costlier than the cut pieces Marble Stones. Most of the people who is looking for rental houses with good returns are looking for Marble cut pieces and who is incline towards having luxurious look in their houses will go with high quality Marble Flooring. Popularly used and worked on Italian Marble, Makrana Marble and many more,

Marble flooring obliges regular cleaning, prompt care to spills, and consistent sealing.

Why choose tiles?

Tiles are one of the most prevalent flooring solutions used now a day. Since it is being tough and long-lasting, they also give your home a stylish look. It is easy to sustain and clean, they come in a extensive variability of colors and designs that easily mix in with the style of your house.

Types of Tiles Flooring:

  • Ceramic tiles: It can be plain or designed and also it can be glazed and unglazed.
  • Mosaic tiles: Made up of Porcelain natural stone glass or ceramic, looks fuzzy and generally installed in Kitchen and bathroom
  • Cement Tiles: Extremely strong and good for exterior area especially in parking and driveways it has good grip even when the surface is wet.

We have completed our projects with Indian Marble, Italian Marble, Bedum Challa, Tandor Stones, Mozaic Tiles, and Granite Stones.

With the blend of skill, and experience, excellent floor polishing, and painting services will lead Smart Edges to success with the first year. Smart Edges is projected to achieve steady growth in its clients preceding years. This process and techniques makes us the best floor polishing service provider.

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