Painting Service

26 Years of Painting Services that makes us the best painting service provider in Hyderabad.

First and foremost clean the walls with a scrubber, and then apply premier on the wall for better results, prepare the compound or use either ready to use or dry mix, Add texture, and apply on the wall, and then paint the wall. You have the option to select from stone, s, and, faux finish or original textures.

Wall putty is filled in the imperfections of the wall, even the tiniest flaws, necessitates you to smear wall putty subsequently a coat of primer, succeeding the same with a consequent coating of wall putty. Letting the primer to dry totally formerly the application is important, for a flawless finish. Standard products, principles in services, efficiency and the process what we follow makes us best painting service provider in Hyderabad.

Let your kid be kid Allow them to play, paint and scratch

Accept their childhood and let his creativity shine. In what way? Allowing them play and sketch anywhere they wants and we will do touch up at minimum cost.

  • Certainly not nag your child for quashing your wall paint.
  • Repaint your entire house in budget efficient Way.
  • Make kids room wall with all fresh whiteboard paint.

Let the old tenant’s party or destroy wall paints.

We cannot do much about the old tenant’s leaving our walls dirty and you might be worried the new tenant’s coming in and there are scratches and stains on the wall. Leave it to us we will paint your walls beautifully.

  • Save lot of amount in repainting
  • Do not worry for stains anymore
  • You will see your home picture perfect all the time.

Best Exterior Painting Services in Hyderabad:

We have a standard process which involves rubbing the wall with sandpaper followed by layering it with the wall putty and applying the best exterior paint on the wall, we have wide range of choices glossy or Mat Finish. Best Exterior painting services in Hyderabad will be received from Smart Edges.

Interior Painting Services in Hyderabad:

Display your style and create a bold statement with the texture designs of your choice by including metallic and non-metallic options. Products which are used in paints and equipment for interior wall texture painting, is the uppermost quality as per customer’s inclination and budget. Interior wall texture offers an elegant and a sophisticated look to the room which significantly transforms the mood of a home. There are countless types of interior textured paint such as corkscrew, twisting, intellectual Zigzag, Spiral. Best Interior painting services in Hyderabad will be received from Smart Edges.

Wall Paint Application Process:



We Start with Touch up putty⟶ and then 1 Coat of primer⟶ at last 2 Coats paints

Fresh Painting:

We Start with 1 Coat Primer⟶ and then 2 Coats of Putty⟶ again with 1 Coat of Primer⟶ at last 2/3 Coats of Paint

  1. Masking

We will cover the furniture with cloth; We will cover the switch boards by paper/Polythene or tape, other elements with plastic sheets.

  1. Surface preparation

For removal of flakes and loose particles of old paint sand paper is used.

  1. Touch-up putty

Cracks and pores will be filled with Putty and un even surface and damages will be smoothen by putty

  1. Apply Primer

Premier will be applied to ensure better adhesion of paint, it will  increase permanence and protection for walls.

  1. Painting

First Ceiling paint will be applied then two coats of paints will be applied one after another. Will left the first coat to dry before applying the second.

  1. Cleaning

We will try and make sure that no single drop of paint falling on floors or on the other surfaces.

Wood and Metal Painting Process:


Wood Painting

We start with Sanding ⟶then we will do Painting ⟶at last we will do Polishing

  1. Sanding

Sanding needs to be done on wooden surface to get rid of the grains, loose or dust particles from it.

  1. Painting

We do natural coloring to the wood namely Teak, oak Tree etc. and also other colors to wooden and metal surfaces such as Black, Brown, and others.

  1. Polish

Depending upon the customer’s choice Polish will be done manually or via machine to get rich glossy look.


We provide an extra ordinary wood polish and metal painting services. Do not worry if you have Teak wood or Mahogany, MDF, embellished wooden piece or any other wooden piece.  We are best in the market to provide any type of wood painting right from Sheenlac French polish, PU, Melamine, Duco or regular enamel painting. Smart Edges Painter will provide the best good wood treatment for painting and polish.

Whether steel grills or gates or roofing, protect it by painting metals with a metal primer and metal paint. Metal requires painting with suitable paints enhance its visual appeal and protect under surface from rusting away.

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